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Monthly Subscription required for ADAS and DMS features. if you are choosing installation we will contact you for the installation date and location.


ACSS AI Dual Dash Camera

ACSS AI Dual Dash Camera

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ACSS 4G driver and road facing Dash Camera with Advance ADAS features and with Live options. Transmits real-time and accurate vehicle position information. 

Pedestrian Collision Warning

A warning will be triggered upon detection of an imminent Collision with a VRU (Cyclist or Pedestrian).

Harsh Movement Detection

Warns of harsh driving behaviours including deceleration, acceleration and cornering.

Lane Departure Warning

Detects when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane without a turn signal in use, warning the driver.

Speed Detection 

Provides a warning to the driver to slow down,when the speed is in excess of the signposted speed limit.

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