Mid Sussex approved cameras

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Mid Sussex District Council

Discover our high-quality CCTV solutions specifically designed to meet Mid Sussex District Council’s licensing standards. 

ACSS/Cabcams is proud to offer CCTV systems tailored to the requirements of the Mid Sussex Council, ensuring safety and compliance for taxi and private hire vehicles. Our systems are engineered to provide peace of mind for both drivers and passengers. 

Key Features: 

  • Make and Model: ACSS/Cabcams Economic, Performance, and High-Performance Systems 
  • Date and Time Stamping: Includes system identification stamping. 
  • Minimum Storage: Capable of recording and storing images for a minimum of 28 days. 
  • Image Quality: High-quality images in all lighting conditions, ensuring clear identification and aiding prosecution. 
  • Data Security: Encrypted images securely stored and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. 
  • System Administration: Images accessible only by designated system administrators. 
  • Digital Encryption: AES256 encryption ensures privacy and complies with data protection standards. 
  • Camera Placement: Discreet and secure placement to prevent tampering and ensure passenger safety. 

System Security 

Choose from our robust data storage solutions: 

  • Encrypted Hard Drive (AES256): Ensures data security and integrity. 
  • Secure Detachable Mass Storage Device: Prevents unauthorized access to recorded footage. 
  • Real-Time Data Transmission to a Secure Server: Provides additional backup and accessibility. 

Mid-Sussex CCTV guidance:  


Ensure compliance with Mid Sussex Council's Licensing Policy: 

  • Cameras must be discreetly placed to avoid interfering with passenger safety. 
  • The system should not extend beyond the vehicle’s boundaries. 
  • Marked with EMC certification, signifying compliance with European Industry Standards. 

Access to CCTV Footage for Incidents or Police Requests:

As a registered Data Controller, we provide Council personnel with all necessary equipment, login details, and training. Our systems include AES256 encryption and an encryption key is required to access recordings, ensuring the highest security standards.


Minimum Requirements for the Council

The minimum requirements for approval by the council may vary depending on your location and the specific council regulations. Generally, councils may require compliance with certain technical specifications and data storage requirements. Be sure to look on your council website to know the policy regarding your system or phone us and we will help you determine the best way forward.

MTO licence

If you need a system installed before your MOT (Ministry of Transport) inspection, you should schedule the installation well in advance to ensure it's in place before your inspection date.

Camera Placement

The placement of cameras in your vehicle will depend on your specific requirements and the number of cameras you choose. They are usually strategically positioned to capture relevant areas.

MDVR Installation

The placement of the Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) would typically be in a secure location within the vehicle, often in the boot/trunk area.

Installation Date and Venue

Once you have paid, we will contact you to book for the earliest booking date.

Booking Requirements

The booking requirements may depend on Cabcam's policies and scheduling availability. Cabcam works off of a week's lead time. Our dates can be found by purchasing a system online.

Installation Time

Installation time for mobile CCTV systems can vary based on the complexity of the setup and
the number of cameras. On average, individuals can expect an installation time of 2-3 hours.

Installation Venue

we have a team of remote installers, after the purchasing the system, we will contact you for the installation booking.

Certificate after Installation

You should receive a certificate of installation from Cabcam once the installation is completed. This certificate may be required for council approval.


Cabcam offers a one-year warranty on all systems.

System Removal

Mobile CCTV systems can typically be removed if you change or sell your vehicle. Cabcam can guide the removal process