How long does installation take?

The time needed forinstalling mobile CCTV systemsdepends on how complex the setup is and how many cameras are being installed. Generally, customers can expect an installation to take about 2-3 hours on average.

Will installing CCTV affect my insurance premiums?

Some insurance providers offer discounts for vehicles equipped with CCTV systems, as they demonstrate proactive measures for safety and risk reduction. Contact your insurance provider to inquire about potential premium reductions.

What is Included in Cost?

All products includes installation charges, once your purchase the kit, we will contact you for the installation date and location

Is It Legal to Install CCTV in a Taxi or PHV?

Yes, installing CCTVin a taxi or PHV is generally allowed. However, specific regulations and guidelines may apply. It's crucial to verify the requirements with your local transportation authority or regulatory body for precise information regarding compliance