ST Helens Council Approved CCTV

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ST Helens Council

CCTV Systems Approved for St Helens Licensed Vehicles 

Discover our top-of-the-line CCTV solutions tailored specifically for St Helens' licensing standards.

ACSS/Cabcams is proud to offer CCTV systems designed to meet and exceed the requirements set forth by St Helens Council. Our commitment to high-quality standards has earned us official approval as a supplier for St Helens licensed vehicles, providing peace of mind for both drivers and passengers. 


Key Features: 

  • Make and Model: ACSS/Cabcams Economic and Advanced Systems 
  • Date and Time Stamping: Fully capable of system identification stamping. 
  • Minimum Storage: Capable of recording and storing images for a minimum of 7 days. 
  • Image Quality: High-quality images even in low light conditions, suitable for identification and prosecution purposes. 
  • Data Security: Images are securely stored and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. 
  • System Administration: Images can only be accessed by designated system administrators. 
  • Digital Encryption: Images are digitally encrypted to ensure privacy and compliance with data protection standards. 
  • Camera Placement: Discreet and secure placement to avoid interference with passenger safety and tampering. 

Data Storage Options: 

Choose from our seamless data storage solutions: 

  • Encrypted Hard Drive (AES256): Ensures data security and integrity. 
  • Secure Detachable Mass Storage Device: Prevents unauthorized access to recorded footage. 
  • Real-Time Data Transmission to a Secure Server: Additional backup and accessibility. 

Requirements for Installation: 

Ensure compliance with St Helens Council's regulations: 

  • Cameras must be discreetly placed to avoid interfering with passenger safety. 
  • The system should not extend beyond the vehicle's boundaries. 
  • Marked with EMC certification to signify compliance with European Industry Standards. 

Experience Peace of Mind on the Road: 

Shop now and enhance the safety and security of your St Helens taxis and private hire vehicles with ACSS/Cabcams CCTV systems. Explore our range of approved solutions designed to meet the specific needs of St Helens licensed vehicles. 

Contact Us to learn more about our CCTV systems for St Helens taxis and private hire vehicles.


CCTV in Licensed Vehicles - Requirements of Installation and Usage (PDF) [487KB] (opens new window)