Adur and Worthing approved taxi camera

At ACSS/Cabcams, we are proud to offer bespoke CCTV solutions that meet the CCTV requirements set forth by Adur and Worthing taxis and private hire vehicles. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our systems are tailored to provide optimal safety, security, and compliance for licensed vehicles operating in these areas. 


  • Adur and Worthing

    Cabcams compliance with Adur and Worthing councils ensures that our CCTV systems adhere to all necessary regulations and standards. Whether you operate as a private hire vehicle or a licensed taxi, our solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of your business while maintaining full compliance with local regulations.


How to access my recording?

ACSS provides free access to recording, as per TFL guidelines, operator needs to be ICO approved, alternatively ACSS can provide free access to recordings if the vehicle or storage media is brought to the ACSS HQ, limited to number of accesses per year

MTO licence

If you need a system installed before your MOT (Ministry of Transport) inspection, you should schedule the installation well in advance to ensure it's in place before your inspection date.

Camera Placement

The placement of cameras in your vehicle will depend on your specific requirements and the number of cameras you choose. They are usually strategically positioned to capture relevant areas.

MDVR Installation

The placement of the Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) would typically be in a secure location within the vehicle, often in the boot/trunk area.