South Cambridge Council CCTV Installation for Taxis and Private hire Vehicles


Contributing to making Private Hire Vehicles safer for drivers and passengers

As a provider of CCTV solutions for South Cambridgeshire Licensing, Cabcams has been integral in the successful implementation of CCTV systems across Hackney Carriage and Private Hire vehicles. Our partnership with South Cambridgeshire Licensing began with the establishment of comprehensive policy guidelines for CCTV systems, ensuring strict adherence to both local regulations and national ICO standards.

In collaboration with licensing authorities, Cabcams provided expert guidance on system selection and installation processes. Leveraging our deep understanding of CCTV technology and industry best practices, we tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements outlined by South Cambridgeshire Licensing. Through live demonstrations and technical consultations, we ensured a smooth and efficient deployment process, addressing any concerns and ensuring full compliance with regulatory mandates.

Working With South Cambridge District  Council

Following the initial deployment phase, South Cambridgeshire Licensing conducted a thorough assessment of Cabcams as a supplier. Our unwavering commitment to product quality, reliability, and responsive customer support earned us commendations from licensing authorities. As a result, Cabcams was reaffirmed as the trusted supplier for CCTV systems in licensed vehicles, solidifying our position as a key partner in promoting safety and security within the region


The CCTV systems offered by ACSS/Cabcams provide various options, starting from a single camera system, as per the council's minimum requirements. However, we offer flexibility with systems compatible with up to four cameras, allowing drivers to choose additional coverage if needed. Our bespoke systems include essential features such as audio recording, a privacy button, and top-of-the-range AES256 encryption, ensuring both security and compliance.

For taxi drivers in South Cambridge district council, these are the key points about the CCTV system:


Reliable Operation: The system ensures reliable performance in your taxi, even during voltage fluctuations or accidents.


Easy Compliance: It meets all council standards, making it easy for you to comply with licensing requirements.


Secure Recording: Your footage is protected with advanced encryption, ensuring the privacy and security of passenger data.


Clear Documentation: The system records both audio and video, helping you document incidents clearly and accurately.


Accessible Support: You have access to training and support services to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter while using the system.



ACSS has been collaborating with South Cambridge for over 12 months to set up and install CCTV cameras in over 285 vehicles. We strategically install the cameras in various locations around the city, ensuring convenience for drivers by offering different time slots and schedules for installations. Our goal is to make the installation process as hassle-free as possible while maintaining a fast turnaround time


Drivers Experience with Installation and CCTV

 The responses from private hire drivers after the installation are positive; they feel more comfortable driving during unusual hours. The system also provides assurance and peace of mind to the drivers against false claims and incidents. Drivers can rest assured knowing that we work closely with third-party installers who are expected to complete installations of the highest quality. We aim to protect your vehicle's warranty

"First class service from start to finish"

"The whole process from initial inquiry to appointment booking and the installation itself went very smoothly. I was given answers to any questions I had and felt like I was dealing with very competent people the whole time. The installation of the in car CCTV was done to a very high standard.

Would happily recommend ACSS to anyone."

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